We can’t tell the story of SabinoCompTech without telling the story of Angel and Nancy Sabino. Buckle up and enjoy this ride!

Angel and Nancy met winter of 2003, as juniors in high school. Angel placed a bet with his friends that he could get Nancy’s number. Needless to say, he won that bet. Since that moment, they were inseparable.

You could say that since a very young age, Angel AND Nancy were fiercely independent (and stubborn). It came to no one’s surprise when at the age of 16/17 they decided to leave home against their parents will and try their hand in the adult world alone but together.

Truth is, they weren’t really alone. There were many people that helped guide them along the way. While they had many struggles because there’s only so many places you can go at the age of 16/17 and limited places that would hire kids etc. they fought to find their way.

Finally, at the age of 18 and with a baby on the way, Angel found his calling in the form of an internship. A friend was opening a computer repair shop and asked Angel to intern so that he could gain the experience they needed to fully hire him on. Angel accepted and that changed the course of their lives forever. At that time, Angel and Nancy were working full time while Angel also worked as an intern. Angel had many long nights learning about the business and honing the skills that he would need in order to be successful at it. New technologies, reverse engineering them and then putting them back together. (He still does this to this day) When Angel was finally hired on full time, Nancy was also hired to help out with the business aspect of it. They realized then that they loved working together.

After a bit of time, Nancy started to feel like she would not be able to grow with the company the way she’d like, so she moved on. Angel remained in that company soaking up as much as he could until he was laid off.

By this time, Angel and Nancy were 22 years old with a 3-year-old daughter and a baby on the way. Luckily, Nancy was working full time so that helped ease some of the worry but they had to figure something out.

After thinking, talking, stressing, and weighing all the options; they decided that Angel would look for another job while seeing how things would go on his own. Why not use all the skills he learned to his advantage? After all, he was GREAT at it and only kept getting better! After a couple of weeks, Angel had acquired enough small businesses that it was an idea that was sustainable. Around the same time, he got a couple of calls back for interviews. Angel and Nancy decided that it was a good idea to decline them at this time.

Within a few months, it was settled. SabinoCompTech was formed in 2008. Angel was out on the field and Nancy eventually left her position at the time to help him with the business portion full time. On October 1, 2009 they took the leap and moved from their home office into their first retail location of 5th street in old Katy. Three years after that, they hired their first employee Ruben (still with them to this day) and then their second employee Julissa (also still with them to this day) about 6 months later.

Like Nancy likes to say “our life has a timeline… we met at 16, moved out together at 17, were married at 18, became parents at 19, moved into our first house at 20, becoming parents for the second time at 21, started a business at 22”.

The rest has been the time, love, sweat, tears and passion that have been put into raising a family and a business all at the same time.

This is the story of SabinoCompTech.

To the village it took to raise us

We’d like to thank all of the people who have helped, guide, teach, impact our lives along the way. We wouldn’t be who we are or where we are (this includes the company) if it were not for them.

First, our parents. We’re sorry we gave you so much heartache… and headaches… we knew we were meant for something… but we think you knew this. Thank you for dealing with that and not giving up on us.

Our siblings; for pushing us and telling us when we were veering off our path. And for being there through every moment.

Mrs. Robertson – to think we met in your class. Thank you for being our teacher AND our customer. Your support meant so much through the years.

Tom – First boss I (Nancy) ever had. You taught me a lot about being a leader and I am so grateful you hired me back after firing me once. I needed to learn that lesson and that sometimes as a leader you have to do something that is hard but right.

Paul – Thanks for being our true friend! We would have been on the street if not for you.

We are sure there have been many more people along the way that have impacted our lives and our company but these are the people that made the biggest differences. Thank you all for your mentorship!