Email Hosting

If you’re still using a default POP email account these days you’re only making things harder! Exchange emails make everything easier, better, and connected.

Check in email on one device, and it shows up as already read on all the others. Move something to a folder, and that same folder is created and the item moved across all devices. Or maybe you would like to share your calendars with your employees. Exchange can do that.

Exchange lets you work better, smarter, and faster.

Email Hosting Solutions

Plans start at $6.00 per user - per month

Email hosting at its peak! For just $6 per user you can take advantage of the great features Exchange emails provide.

Same email on ALL device. Check something in one place, and its synced on all your devices.

Add something to your calendar from the internet, and it gets pushed to all your devices.

Share and collaborate with employees quicker, easier, and better then ever before!

And for all the email savers out there, Exchange Email comes with 50gb of storage space for all users!

Exchange just works!

Peace of mind
Ease of use
Customer Satisfaction