Demand The IT You Need

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With the rise of cyberattacks, regardless of form (whether phishing attempts, ransomware attacks, etc) and the increase of targeted attacks every business owner must look around and ask, “are we doing everything we can to protect ourselves?” In the wise words of the late Stan Lee, with power comes great responsibility except in this case it’s with technology dependencies comes great responsibility. This responsibility is to our clients or patients, our shareholders, our employees and to each other. If you are doing everything to protect your information on one end but then your business colleagues or partners are not, your information can still be compromised. In other words, this goes beyond individual businesses doing what they can but encompasses the entire business community and we should be responsible and hold each other accountable.

” With technology dependencies comes great responsibility.”

We should all be insisting and demanding that our information is protected as our data can be taken from anywhere that is breached, and no business is immune. But above all, you the business owner should be demanding this from the IT firms or Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that you hire. IT firms and MSPs often hold the keys to the kingdom and if they are not taking the precautionary measures that are necessary for you or their own business, that could be catastrophic and not something you can afford.

You would think, if this is something that means so much or could impact business as much as it could, why are the countermeasures not default in service? The simplest and honest answer is answered with: Are you willing to pay for it? Some business owners would immediately jump on it and say yes but sadly, more times than not, the answer is no until something bad happens. There are quite a lot of IT vendors that are afraid of the repercussion of raising prices, adding to their services, or selling additional security services because of this reason. The mentality is; why would we raise prices/costs if there is no demand even if it’s a necessity in this day and age.

This is dangerous because of the vulnerable position it leaves you, the business owner. If you don’t have the right measures in place, you are the one that will have to endure the downtime during recovery, the costs associated with recovery, the revenue loss during recovery, payroll and production losses, any fines if HIPAA, GLBA, or any other federal regulations are violated, lawsuits from victims, and what could be the most costly, reputational and loss of trust.

There is quite a bit at stake and cyber-security should no longer be avoided, overlooked, or not considered as we continue to advance our technology dependency. As an IT professional, I urge you to demand and insist that you are protected at all costs because those fees are minimal compared to the loss you could experience otherwise. If your IT partner is not providing these services, then urge them to investigate it or for your own peace of mind and technical health – look elsewhere.

At SabinoCompTech, we built our model to include the security tools every business need because we recognized that these tools should no longer be an option so to make life easier, we just include it in our service. This isn’t to toot our own horn but to express how important and valuable this is and that you should consider that when looking for the right IT partner or evaluating your current relationship. Patch management, anti-virus, and backups are no longer enough. Security tools should be a given – 2FA, Advanced Email Protection, Dark Web Monitoring and scans, Cybersecurity Awareness Training and testing, etc. It’s time to demand what you need to keep your money safe!

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