Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s stress…

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Stress is something that we all experience at one time or another, especially in the workplace. Knowing what causes the stress is very important in helping to manage it!

Did you know that technology issues affect your business’s workload, hours and morale which are the top causes of stress in the workplace?!

We’ve seen countless of examples of this and how infrequently people pinpoint the root cause of the stress to technology issues. If you google frustrated, frustration or stress and go to images, the first pictures you’ll see are of people yelling at, hitting, or showing visible signs of being overwhelmed by their computer. This only grows exponentially the busier you are or the bigger your company gets.

Most people don’t realize that having the wrong technology, outdated equipment, improperly maintained equipment, or not using all resources to their fullest potential can create a domino effect that ends up with heavier workloads, longer work hours and low morale! It’s no wonder that sometimes the office managers we speak to are ready to pull their hair out because their staff is not as productive as they can be!

Your technology matters. Not just as a tool but because of how it affects the people that work with it! If your workplace is experiencing high-stress levels, start by trying to find the cause of it. Most often, once the root cause is found everything else becomes manageable.

If the root cause is technology… We’re the team to call! We specialize in finding these root issues and helping to get stress levels and morale where it should be! We believe in supporting people, not just technology.

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