Law Firm Transformation

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Business/industry: Legal

Project Type: Complete Overhaul

A prestigious and award-winning Law Firm in the Houston, TX area is a 52-year-old personal injury law firm with over 5 attorney’s and 30 staff members. They have been considered leaders in the area with a high success rate on cases and award-winning attorneys.

They hired us because they were running outdated (decades behind) software, servers, computers, phones etc. They had just experienced a data breach which cost them over $20,000 to recoup from but were continuing to experience market loss, were losing their competitive advantage and employees were growing frustrated and disgruntled. After a survey of their network, understanding their goals, understanding their current process and work flow, we were able to point out where some of the major points of contention were.

We recommended a complete overhaul. Replacing their networking equipment, server, 95% of workstations, scanners and printers which we obtained through our partnership with Ingram Micro. Which then allowed us to replace their management software, office applications, email and direct messaging, and finally redesign their systems and processes. In the middle of all of this, we were also able to trace cabling issues where data transfer rates were not the speed they should have been and correct that issue.

With an updated server and firewall, we were able to put security measures in place they did not previously have. It allowed us to increase their productivity, and efficiency by improving their systems and processes with a structure that worked best for their work flow as well as gain compatibility with software that would be used to automate processes. We also added the capability to work securely remotely allowing their employees the freedom to work from anywhere as well as allowing the attorneys to dial in without needing to take over an employee’s time at the office.

With the software upgrades, they were able to increase the volume of data they could process. They cut down on 2 positions because of the automation put in place. They increased the capacity of their employees and the number of cases they could handle at once.

One thing that has greatly improved that is not quantifiable is morale and employee satisfaction.

With emails no longer being an issue due to migrating and moving to Office 365, along with the use of Teams, employees no longer had to run down the hall to communicate. They were able to quickly share documents without any hassles.

We trained employees on the changes that were going to take place, so everyone would be aware of where things would be, what was going to change, how to access what they needed etc.

Did I mention we did the implementation of this over a weekend? Our goal was for no downtime on the client’s part. We wanted everyone to get to work on Monday and not skip a beat. We were like ghosts and nothing seemed to be different except that everything was new! We knew that the smallest bit of disturbance to their desks etc could cause disruption in their day and we wanted to avoid that. That is why we had trainings beforehand, as well as a written reminder of the processes that were changing and location of data etc. This busy firm could not stop their day for an entire infrastructure change. (Even a missed phone call could be loss of revenue.)

10 months later, the clients profitability has increased by 33% because of the project we started with and the managed services we’ve continued. Their overtime has decreased saving the client $20,000 over those 10 months, $30,030 in lost payroll due to inefficient processes and data transfers has been recouped. They have increased their capacity by 20% and are projecting a 30% growth in revenue next year. Their cash flow has improved because of the reduction of overtime, increased revenue, and predictable costs. With reduced overtime, payroll, and increased productivity they were able to recoup the cost of this project within 2 months. Their security risk dropped to 1% from 97% when we initially took this on.

The client has expressed that one thing that has greatly improved that is not quantifiable is the morale and employee satisfaction. After this project, it has skyrocketed because employees are not overworked, they are no longer frustrated with broken down machines and systems that didn’t make sense. They no longer waste time running around and have gained a better work life balance which has allowed them to be rested and happy to go to work. Their morale has had a trickle affect on their client satisfaction because even though they are going through a tough time, they sense the employee’s confidence in their ability to take care of them. This is the result that will have a lasting impact on their business as it will continue long after the project was paid off.

Employees can work smarter, not harder with the resources that have become available to them. Which means that if employees are happy, clients are happy, which also means that the owners are happy… and so is their outsourced IT. This is just an example of why we take a holistic and sometimes unconventional approaches to our service and projects. There are fundamentals in business that are the same but the uniqueness of each business should also be considered to improve their business as a whole.


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