MSP’s Prescribe TIS (Technology Induced Stress) Medication 

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MSP’s Prescribe TIS (Technology Induced Stress) Medication
By: Nancy Sabino

Technology can be frustrating and infuriating all at the same time… just google “frustration” and check out the images. Many of them are people frustrated with technology. It’s not surprising to someone in the IT industry. Why? Because most of the reasons technology-induced frustration stems from having the wrong technology in place, old technology, not taking care of it or not planning properly! Is it that simple? Yes!

This is where having the right IT Managed Service Provider (MSP since we love acronyms) can be a benefit. It can help relieve stress and frustration from business owners and employees. How?

  1. Having experts purchase or help you purchase the right technology. Would you prescribe your own medicine? No! You go to a doctor. Someone that has done the homework, is an expert and is continually researching and educating themselves about what medicine would help the symptoms you have and how they will work with all the other factors in your life. Not all technology is made the same, just like meds.
  2. Slow technology is one of the leading causes of frustration in an office…. This is typically when you want to bang your head on your desk waiting for something to come up or you decide well… might as well stop for a coffee break. What this means is productivity goes WAY down which then leads to the business owners being frustrated. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone that tells you when it’s time to replace old machines BEFORE they get to a point where productivity starts to affect the bottom line?
  3. Just like keeping old machines or ill-equipped hardware, not taking care of it can cause a whole other set of issues. Having a managed service provider that will monitor, maintain, and update the health of the computers, servers, and networking equipment in your network will stop some issues from happening AND when something does happen (because… computers… and humans…) the time to resolve these issues would be SO much faster, getting you and/or your staff back to work faster!
  4. Like with many things in life, improper planning can put you in a bind later down the road. Let’s say you started your business and purchased equipment, whether a laptop or a server that handles the little bit of work you have as a startup. The next thing you know, what you bought can’t handle your now workload and staff etc. With proper planning, things like that can be avoided. It’s not about overshooting either but coming up with the right solution that will support you now and through some of that growth. This way, you get the best out of the investment you made without losing productivity, efficiency or capacity making transitions into your next phase easy peasy.

You see how having the right IT Managed Services Partner can help you achieve a frustration-free work life? If these aren’t good reasons for you, then how about reducing the stress that comes from security risks! That’s for another post… so stay tuned!

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