Old Computers Waste Your Profits

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Technology changes rapidly: new features, cool programs, lightning fast speeds…but sometimes those changes are just annoying. It seems like not only does your new technology drop in value as soon as you walk out of the store just like a car but by the time you get home, the next generation has already been announced!

While it does seem annoying, technology just keeps getting better and better and that’s why most of us continue to buy the latest and greatest. Why though? Why do we keep buying the newest computers, phones, tablets etc?

Maybe it’s a desire to constantly have the best or the newest item. Maybe it’s impatience.

Now, being impatient is not a bad thing when it comes to your business. It can be a sign of striving to just get things done. This can be a critical piece to being profitable. The more efficient you are, the higher your margins are, especially if you are in a service-based business. So, if this is the case, WHY would you NOT buy the latest and greatest, at least every few years?

In the world of technology what ends up happening is hardware capabilities become stronger. With stronger hardware capabilities, software is upgraded to be able to push hardware to its limits. As that cycle continues to ramp up, older devices are no longer able to keep up with the software like they use to because now, that same software is requiring more resources. It’s no different than us aging adults… we find ourselves slowing down… or am I the only one? I can’t keep up with life the same way I used to when I was younger. Now, I have to pick and choose what I will process and depending on what that is, I will do it faster than other things.

Computers are the same… They cannot process or keep up with all the incoming information that is coming to them from different directions at different speeds compared to what they previously had to process. What ends up happening? They slow way down. They will process certain information much slower than others, or they’ll freeze.

This ends up being a source of frustration for anyone just trying to get their job done. If you don’t believe me, just google frustration and see the images that come up. So many of them are people mad at computers. When a computer is taking 30 seconds longer than it should to open your calendar and you have someone waiting to schedule an appointment, that can be extremely stressful. And here’s the kicker… it’s not just putting stress on your employees or your life, but it’s also putting stress on your profits.

Computers older than four years old will cost you about $1,700 per year in inefficient processing (not including what you would pay a therapist for dealing with your new stress levels). So, if you have an office of…oh let’s say 10 computers that are all over 4 years old… they are costing you $17,000.00 per year!! $17K that could have bought new computers and taken everyone for a day at the spa or golfing…no therapist needed.

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