Reprise of the Cursed Laptop

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Reprise of the Cursed Laptop At Stay Frosty Consulting

By: Heaven Seraydarian

Getting a new season of your favorite show can be exciting! When that new season seems to be repeated drama and leftover problems from last season though, excitement can fade into a dull interest. The Boys at Stay Frosty Consulting*,  have had Stranger Things happening with one of their laptops, and this time seems to be a repeat of last season’s May-time drama.

Previously, the laptop struggled with failing memory, crashing hard-drives and consistent blue screening leading to suffering work activity and decreased efficiency and just when everything seemed repaired-The Shadow Monster seemed to reprise his role for problem making! The laptop was back from the upside down, and our techs were cracking knuckles before getting back down to business.

This season our techs are facing off with further hard drive failures, blue screens, and lack of functionality but Team SCT isn’t throwing in the towel on this laptop yet! After wrangling through negotiations with the Warranty Company our techs were able to have the entire laptop examined from hardware to software, so the broken pieces could be fully replaced and the rest of the machine tuned up and ready to go!

The final showdown was approaching between The Shadow Monster and The Boys at Stay Frosty Consulting, but with our technicians intervening, Stay Frosty Consulting was able to focus on what they do best and leave the rest to Team SCT! The season ends with success, the laptop is better than ever and back to work enabling the Boys at Stay Frosty Consulting to celebrate a job well done and relax.

* Client’s name has been changed for anonymity

That’s the benefit of Awesome IT:

Peace of mind and the power to relax that comes with it!

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