Security In COVID-19 Times

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The coronavirus has created chaos in all sorts of places. Schools shut down and many have looked to technology to continue the education of children. Doctor’s offices closed or emergency services only and many, have also looked to technology to keep providing their top level of service of care through phone or video conferencing platforms. Law firms, CPA firms, Engineering firms and more have quickly made a shift towards technology for the solution to keep their businesses running when away from the office and employees scattered all over the city.

In the twelve plus years I have been in the IT industry, I have never seen a surge like this happen so quickly. Were businesses making technology decisions based on mobility? Sure! That’s where business was headed for the most part but for those who were waiting on making those decisions, the decision was made for them by COVID-19 and accelerated the rate of change for everyone else.

If you were caught in the surprise and had to scramble to give and have access to data to employees, you’re not alone. And while maintaining security is probably the last thing on your mind as an employer or business owner, we can’t forget how important it still is especially with so many things and people shuffling around.

Let’s keep our eye on the goal and that is to continue to operate business in a secure manner. Here are some things that you may already know but are helpful to be reminded of… (the tech version of wash your hands).

  • CEO fraud emails are going to be higher and will use the fact that people are working from home.
  • Look out for imposter emails that are pretending to be a bank, SBA, and others that are in high demand for lending especially surrounding the government programs.
  • Do NOT put your information in response to an email. Go directly to their site (not via an email link either.)
  • Continue to look out for and be aware of what you click on in emails as well as on the web.
  • Check who the email is coming from, verify that there is not a weird domain behind the email you know.
  • Make sure that your internal security measures (internal data access) are still being followed as you make shifts to give people remote access.
  • Make sure your employees are continuing to follow security protocols even from home like having a password on the account they access their work stuff from and password protecting their own wifi.
  • If you don’t have multifactor authentication or 2FA on most if not all your apps and email – implement it as soon as possible.
  • The more “doors” you have in front and locked down (VPNs etc) the better.
  • Refresh or sharpen training so that everyone is aware of what to look for as new threats emerge.

If you would like an assessment of your current security measures, reach out! If you’re not 100% confident with how secure your systems are – then this will only help you. If you are 100% confident – a second opinion will only validate what you know and add to that confidence so let’s do this! Give us a call! 281-392-8802!