The Rise of Social Engineering

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We tend to study trends of things that affect our clients and as we change things or make adjustments so that our clients have a better experience with the technology they depend on we start to wonder…
Do other businesses share the same worries?
Do they have someone to point them in the right direction?
Or ask them the questions they need to be asked?

Well… the only way to find out is to put the information out there and hope that it finds it’s way to someone who really needs to hear/know it.
(This means… don’t keep it to yourself either… sharing is caring!)

So, we’ve put together an informative webinar without the scare tactics… because that’s not how we operate. We want to give honest and transparent and helpful information. Oh did I mention… it’s FREE! (With no obligation or strings attached!)
Oh! One last mention…. attendees will not only browse away with awareness but tactics AND a FREE dark web scan! (An inside look without having to go inside that scary place….)

Tuesday, November 12, 2019 @ 1PM CST.

Click HERE to register!

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