The Ugly Truth About IT Needs

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Businesses have certain needs nowadays built around technology and the type of support they can get. There is no question about that (just look at the sea of IT companies out there). The real question is how to recognize when more is needed than what you have been doing. After all, the needs of a business change depending what stage they are in. A start-up company with one employee is going to have different needs than a 50 person office that needs to run like a well-oiled machine. Let me walk you through the different stages. This may reveal an ugly truth about what you’re currently doing and if something needs to change.

Take this journey with me…

The start-up: We have to first agree on one thing when you started your company, you did not think that you would be the IT guy/gal. Most businesses start off with limited resources and usually, IT is one of those that at the beginning, you can piecemeal it together if you know enough or you call your nerdy computer neighbor/cousin etc to help you piecemeal it together. And it works! Great! Until something breaks… by now, you don’t have time to deal with it because you’re busy growing the business… so you call in a professional…. and you pay by the hour. And this works! Great! Until it doesn’t and then you continue the cycle. This works for a lot of small businesses and there’s nothing wrong with this method. But let’s move on to another stage in business.

Launched: Your business is established, your calendar is full of appointments and you can’t stop. You now have a staff of let’s say, 5 employees. When any of the 5 have computer issues, they call you. You then are frustrated because you have to stop what you’re doing to call the IT guy who doesn’t answer the phone. When he finally gets back to you, hours have passed by where you were paying an employee to wait around, you have spent some of your time trying to fix the issue (which only got worse) and you had to reschedule a sales meeting. Lost production, potentially lost revenue AND the cost of repairs. Maybe if you pre-paid for a block of support hours this would be better. So you try that and the cycle continues.

At this stage; you really consider if there is a better way and if you should pay for it. You find an IT company that tells you, we can do the monitor and maintenance of your systems. We’ll tell you when there’s a problem and we can respond quickly. We can also offer you a full menu of other services you can add on. You get overwhelmed because you don’t know what it all means (I don’t blame you… it’s technical sushi), what it all does, or the benefits of it, so you choose to go with the cheapest thing on there and you feel, yeah, this should solve my problems. And it solves some of the issues and the rest… is still on a surprise basis. But this is better than it was and it works! But you continue to grow, and you realize you need more than just support and monitoring and maintaining…

Scaling Up: You’ve grown your firm to 25 employees, you’ve built a great reputation with your clients, you are not looking to stop any time soon. This is when production, efficiency, autonomy, and morale matter the most. You cannot afford to have an employee dealing with technical issues, and if they are, you need them to be able to get help almost immediately. You need help planning your technology out to make sure there are no hiccups. Every piece of technology and human interaction need to come together like a great symphony. At this point, the sushi menu will not help you because you need all of the pieces working in conjunction, a holistic approach to ensure that your company is covered inside and out, top to bottom to ensure your success. What’s the difference? Besides uptime, risk management, efficiency, autonomy, and great morale around the office? The fact that IT isn’t something you or your employees have to worry about anymore… especially the surprise expenses. By having the right IT Company on your side: Your IT actually starts to work for you and saves you time, and money.

Trust me…. there’s a huge difference when it all works the way it’s meant to and when it does not. Not having the right equipment in the right places can mean the difference of $300K in a 10-year span on just data transfer alone…

So, moral of this story, know that your IT needs may change with every stage of business just like anything else. Be aware of the options out there. Don’t base your decisions on price… we all know the saying, “You get what you pay for” and that’s just not going to work if you want to scale and grow. You want a solid foundation that will foster your company’s growth, not inhibit it.

If you feel like you’re at the stage where you need to rethink your IT and what it does for you, give SabinoCompTech a call! Our experts can help you identify at what stage you are and if you should be taking different steps to accomplish your business goals!

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